The Lost Son of Nabil Sawalha

مارك هو الابن غير الشرعي للممثل الأردني نبيل صوالحة

The truth is still the truth even if no one believes it. A lie is still a lie, even if everyone believes it.

My Story as an abandoned son

My name is Mark and I am an illegitimate son of Jordanian Actor Nabil Sawalha. I have lived most of my life separated from my family members in secrecy. I have been allowed to meet my father only twice in my lifetime once in Finland and second time in Jordan. Many of my Jordanian relatives don’t know my existence except my father’s closest family members like Nadja, Julia and Nadim Sawalha. But they have kept the secret well. I have met my half sister and brothers Lara, Karim and Omar Sawalha once in 1990’s. Almost all my living relatives that I have are from my fathers side in Jordan – and unfortunately they are the once that abandoned me. “The Lost Son” title was first used my uncle Nadim Sawalha when I met him first time after my birth in London in 1990’s. 2022 I have also done a DNA test. That verifies that my roots are linked to my fathers side Marar and Sawalha families in Jordan.

In My Mother meets Nabil in London. In 1960’s my mother travelled from Finland to London to study nursing. In London she met Nabil Sawalha who worked at BBC. They started to date and my mother get pregnant. Nabil didn’t want a child and he left us and returned back to Jordan. My  uncle Nadim visited in hospital and suggested my name Mark, and probably my second name Joakim too as it goes in Sawalha family. After my birth I moved back to Finland with my mother.

Nabil Sawalha in the BBC, London in 1960.
Nabil Sawalha with my mother in London in نبیل صوالحة مع والدتي في s'1960 لندن
Nabil with my mother in London in 1960's
Nabil in London 1960's from my mother's album والدي یعیش في لندن عام 1960. .ألبوم أمي

1970’s My father Nabil Sawalha visits in Finland. Nabil came once for a short visit to Finland. This was the first time I met my father. Nabil stayed one week in our home and then travelled away. I still remember when I was standing on the bus station when he left even it’s over forty years ago. After his short visit Nabil disappeared for decades. The next contact was in the 1990s when I found his address on an old suitcase address tag and wrote to him.

Nabil visiting to meet his son Mark in Finland in 1970's
Nabil Sawalha meeting his abandoned son in Finland
Doing artwork with Nabil in our kitchen. My father brought these my father brought these art tools as gift

1990’s My visit with to Jordan.  I got contact to my father second time in 1989 or 1990. I had written a letter to my father’s old address I found from an old suitcase tag. Nabil replied and we decided to visit in Jordan with my fiancee. Many secrets were revealed and some of them changed my life forever. The first surprise was that I was such a big secret. My mother had never warned me about it. Actully she told that I am always welcomed to my fathers place. And because my father let us come to Jordan I didn’t expect any surprices. I got to meet my half-siblings but I was not allowed to tell that I am their half-brother. 

At my father's his home in Jordan. My half sister and brothers Lara, Karim and Omar around. My father told me not to tell that I am their half brother. This was the only time I have met them.
This picture is taken in Amman outside my fathers house. This is the last time I have met my father.

  On Jordanian TV interview with Rami Khouri Nabil talked about family matters and mentioned my younger half brother Ziad as is his oldest son. That was the time I realized that something is wrong. I was his real oldest son and Ziad is my younger half-brother. My father later explained me that he didn’t want me to be born and it’s my mothers fault that I was born and my life and future is not in Jordan. My opinion was never asked. I would have never guessed what fate will bring to me after these revelations. But these are explainde in my videos linked on this page more deeply.

My father talking about family matters in Jordan TV. Rami Khouri interviews him. I also met Mr Khouri there but he didn't know that I am Nabil's oldest son.
Standing with my father in the front of Jordan TV house before his interview in 1990's.
Nabil receiving a price from Queen Noor. I got this image from Nabil.
Nabil with Jordan's Royal Family- Nabil sent this image to me to show his success before my visit to Jordan.
Sitting with my girlfriend and half-brother on the historical ruins in Amman downtown.

1994 My visit to London.

I met my cousins Dina, Nadia and Julia Sawalha and my uncle Nadim Sawalha in London 1994. “The Lost Son” term was first used by my uncle Nadim when he saw me in London. This was the first time he met me after my birth in London. My uncle Nadim also welcomed me warmly to London in 1996 to learn some acting trade but then suddenly when I was preparing to travel there everything was cancelled. Nadim’s wife told me that that Nadim has just retired and they can’t invite me to London any more. Then she quickly finished the call. They basically cut all ties to me. My father probably was behind this sudden change as he wanted me to be hidden and not recognized as a family member.

Meeting my cousins Dina, Julia and Nadja Sawalha in London.
Meeting my uncle Nadin Sawalha
Julia and Nadim Sawalha posing here in London

2022 My family members then 1990’s and now after 30 years.   My father has not allowed me to meet my family members for 30 years. Here you can see a picture in the middle when I once met my family members in Amman in 1991. New pictures are taken from social media. Here middle image. Nabil Sawalha, my finacee, Lara, Mark, Karim, My fathers new wife, and Omar. I have also done a DNA test that proofs my link to my fathers side (Marar and Sawalha) families. Family chart below: