the story of the abandoned son - قصة صبي مهجور

the lost son

الابن الضائع

and the family honor -وشرف العائلة

Imagine that you are a part of a big and successful family. One family member was born out of wetlock. Because of family Shame and Honor he gets totally different treatment. He is silenced, abandoned and separated from family connetions for a life.
That's my story.

The truth is still the truth even if no one believes it. A lie is still a lie, even if everyone believes it.  

The Lost son and father

Jordanian Actor Nabil Sawalha and his abandoned son.
An illegitimate son of Jordanian Actor
Nabil Sawalha نبيل صوالحة

I am illegitimate son of Jordanian Actor Nabil Sawalha. This is a story of childhood abandonment and its consequenses for adulthood.

Actor Nabil Sawalha نبيل صوالحة

Interview in Alordonalyoom youtube channel

The Lost Son

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 I got these two Royal Family images from my father when I visited in Jordan in 1990’s.

Nabil Sawalha with Jordan Royal Family نبيل صوالحة مع العائلة المالكة الأردنية
Nabil Sawalha Queen Noor
My father receiving prize from Queen Noor نبيل صوالحة يتسلم جائزة الملكة نور
Nabil Sawalha and his oldest illegitimate son Mark In Jordan. نبيل صوالحة وابنه غير الشرعي مارك في الأردن.

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