I present some of my own and also other artist's amazing work on this site. I constantly update these pages when new interesting things occure.

What's Up?

PYRO Trailer - New Niko Kostet film.

Cast: Frans Isotalo, Paula Kovanen, Tommy Johansson, Mark Sawalha, Petri Aulin, Dean Portnoj, Katja Rytö, Veera W. Vilo.



Pyro English Featurette

Iron Sky. This film has the Best Visual Effects ever made in Finland. VFX guru is Samuli Torssonen from Tampere. Here are the first four minutes of the film.

CHRISTIAN DREADFUL. The story of talented rocker and his manager who wants to change the rocker into a rock product. Directed by Niko Kostet. Visual Effects Mark Sawalha.


SYRIANA. My uncle Nadim Sawalha acting as Emir Hamed Al-Subaai.

Agent 60's. I did a bit TV commercial acting some years ago