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Planetary Anomalies

NEW!!! Clear Pyramid shaped object on the Moon! Link to the video: https://youtu.be/hGk9KbdW-DM

Daily Express: https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/847225/Pyramid-moon-UFO-aliens-ancient-aliens-Egypt

Topic coming in Japanese TV document in November 2017.


There seem to be a lot of extraterrestrial activity on the Moon and other planets on our solar system. Structures of buildings, mining activity, ships, bases etc.

The images I have been researching are mainly from the NASA archives. I don't ask anymore myself whether these phenomena is real. The question is rather who's there, what are they doing on the moon and where they came from?

Recent articles: Alien Antenna Found on the Moon.






Daedalus Creature

An huge insect like creature found in the Daedalus West crater on the Moon.

Link to  Daily Express article:  BUGZILLA-found-UFO-spotters-say-NASA-images-show-HUGE-insect-living-on-the-MOON

My Planetary Anomaly discoveries Media coverage:


Inner Peace

My links to self developement, meditation, motivation etc. lectures.


I have been Sushi fan since 1990's when I first saw sushi bars in London. Here are some introductory links to sushi and making it at home.


Small biography.  Futures trading, 3d modelling, acting, macro and food photography etc.

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