NASA Maps Reveal Giant Alien Cities and Buildings on the Venus, Anomalies on the Moon and Mars


Film page is a collection of some films where I or my relatives have been acting.

Moon Anomalies - NEW!

Moon section is maybe one of the most interesting area in these pages. I started an Astronomy as a hobby when I borrowed a Reflector telescope from my friend. First, I started to look Moon and find out moon maps to recognize different areas there. Then, I started to find these strange anomalies that should not be there. There seem to be a lot of activity on the moon. Structures of buildings, mining activity, ships, bases and even alien creatures. These are Mainly found on NASA Apollo and Satellite photos. Also, astrophotographers have published their videos about strange moving objects on the moon. I have done picture analysis tens of years. This has been a great advantage when I try tolook for details from NASA photos. I can guarantee you that these findings are real as I use mainly original photos from NASA archives for my research. Many times these anomalies leave shadows to the environment which separate them from the artifacts. My goal is to do these studies based on real image facts. I always include links to the original images with my reports.

Daily Express published one of my Moon Anomaly finding in April 7th, 2016. Daily Express Article.

Mars Anomalies

Mars Anomalies - more material will be also published soon.

Venus Anomalies - Alien Buildigns, Cities, Technology on NASA Maps NEW!

NASA has publised a Magellan probe maps on Venus. Global GIS Venus maps and work a bit like google Earth maps. These NASA images reveal Huge cities, artificial structures and all kinds of elements that seem to obey constructions appear intelligent effected by some kind of alien race that inhabited or colonized the Venus.

Magellan launched on May 4, 1989 and began orbiting Venus on August 10, 1990. The spacecraft was sent to study the face of the planet and to model its interior.

Reverse Macro Photography

Reverse Macro Photography introduces a cheap way to take high quality macro photos. You just need a digital SLR camera and an old 25-50 mm manual lens, flashlight and adapter. Some extension tubes are also good when looking for bigger magnifications.

Concept Art

Concept art is mainly my 3D modelling ideas